The Press – The Pickle King: Sweet And Sour - Indian Ink Theatre Company

The Press – The Pickle King: Sweet And Sour

By The Press (Christchurch)

You have to hand it to Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis; the driving forces behind Indian Ink Theatre Company. They produce a kind of theatre like no other and they bring it off superbly well. Like Krishnan’ s Dairy, and The Candlestickmaker, their new production, The Pickle King, is distinctive, inventive, original, and daring, combining in a seamless whole a number of theatre styles to produce a hugely entertaining show.
It is a strange world they reveal to us, both real and surreal at the same time. It is offbeat yet on the money, quirky, melodramatic, even farcical at times. It nonetheless generates a huge number of insights into the way people behave, into the way life is.
The Pickle King is always fascinating to watch and it is gloriously funny at times. Best of all, the actors and writers play a dangerous game when in moments of utter seriousness, they throw in a line that is so wildly humorous you just roar with laughter.
The performers were totally spot on. Jacob Rajan was his usual, brilliant self, but he was more than matched by Nick Blake and Ansuya Nathan. Nick Blake’s characterisation of George was absolutely first class and Ansuya Nathan showed she is a fine actor as she worked her dialogue exceeding well.

Darker themes run through the play but it is a tremendously creative, vibrant work.