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About Indian Ink

We aim to make theatre that is beautiful, funny, sad and true. We go to the theatre to be transported by a great story and to enjoy characters who live large in our imaginations. We want the experience to leave an indelible imprint on your hearts.

That’s why we’re called Indian Ink!

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Actor Jacob Rajan stands in front of a white door holding a lantern

Indelible performance: balletic, orchestral, disciplined and captivating

Be assured: Guru of Chai will free you from your isolation, your loneliness, your painful urination.

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Actor Jacob Rajan stands looking into a lamp

Guru of Chai: Review

Guru of Chai is an enthralling solo performance bringing an old Indian fairy tale to life.

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Actor Jacob Rajan as Kutisar, played by Jacob Rajan, makes a shadow puppet of a parrot with his hands in a dark room.

Review: The Guru of Chai

It is a story dripping with drama and humour, epic in scale and yet incredibly intimate.

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For over 25 years Indian Ink has been making world class theatre. We’re driven by our love of the art and sustained by a group of supporters who are passionate about live performance. 

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