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Pittsburgh Festival of Firsts (USA)
17 - 21 October 2018
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Oz Asia Festival
Secrets of Life, Love, and Everything

Adelaide, Australia
24-27 October
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About Indian Ink Theatre Company

Indian Ink Theatre Company is one of New Zealand’s most successful theatre companies with a reputation for “total theatre which offers humanity and psychological insight in a package of good plain laughs, luminous performances and brilliant staging” (Dominion Post, NZ).

For almost two decades Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis have pursued their idea of the ‘Serious Laugh’- opening mouths with laughter in order to slip something serious in along with a love of mask and story. The company blends western theatrical traditions with eastern flavours and has been critically acclaimed for its use of live music, heightened theatricality, humour, pathos and great storytelling.

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Upcoming Shows

International Shows

Mrs Krishnan’s Party

Performing in USA
17 - 21 October 2018
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Guru of Chai

Performing in Adelaide, Australia
24-27 October, 2018
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Our Other Productions

Guru of Chai

Secrets of Life, Love, and Everything

The contradictions of modern India with its iPhones and ancient gods come alive in this outrageously funny and heartbreakingly beautiful romantic thriller.

Welcome to the Murder House

You'll die laughing

The Pickle King

A comedy about love, death & preserves

Once the finest hotel in town, the Empire is now as faded as the dreams of the piano player who haunts the lobby.

Kiss the Fish

It takes a child to raise a village

The winds of change are sweeping the sleepy island of Karukam. A new resort promises a brighter future for all until fate puts the hopes of the community in the hands of Sidu - the village idiot!

Mrs Krishnan’s Party

You're Invited

Mrs Krishnan’s boarder, overzealous wannabe DJ, James, has invited a few friends into the back room of the dairy (yes – Krishnan’s Dairy) as a special surprise to celebrate Onam and the return home of her son.

Krishnan’s Dairy

Ordinary people legendary love

An achingly funny love story that punches you in the heart, Krishnan’s Dairy is the critically acclaimed production that smashed box office records and hurled Indian Ink onto the national and international stage.

The Candlestickmaker

The formula for happiness

Discover black holes and the formula for happiness in a tribute to one of the greatest astrophysicists of this century, Subramanyan Chandrasekhar.

The Dentist’s Chair

A comedy with bite

This deliciously dark comedy hit a nerve at the New Zealand International Festival, captivating audiences and selling out.

The Elephant Thief

The future is ours to see

If you think the world is crazy now you should see it in 50 years time. Take a look into our cracked crystal ball into a future where India is the most powerful nation on earth.