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We love engaging with communities, telling stories, sharing our craft and spreading our message of enlightenment.

School Performances

Wherever possible, we schedule these as part of our national tours, offering student tickets at a special reduced price. We also provide an education pack to ensure students have a better understanding of what they are about to see, in advance of attending a performance.

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Or if you need any further information about Schools’ performances, please contact Rosalyn Lesurf-Olner or 09 815 3302.

Private Performances

Looking for an utterly satisfying, uniquely personal arts experience?

We have just the ticket! A private performance of the internationally acclaimed, award-winning production Guru of Chai.

Jacob Rajan (MNZM) brings new meaning to the phrase up-close-and-personal by providing a humorous, entertaining and inspiring experience that is so delightful and unique, neither you nor your discerning guests will ever forget it.

What do I get?

We’ll bring the lighting, set, costumes and props to your selected venue (e.g. home or office) to create a truly magical occasion for your invited audience. There is no limit to the number of guests you can invite – as long as there’s enough space for them and the performers. The Artists are Arts Laureate Jacob Rajan and talented young musician Adam Ogle, supported by our stage manager who will ensure that all technical and production elements happen without a hiccup. The performance lasts 80 minutes and as an added bonus, if you wish it, Jacob is happy to chat with your guests after the show.

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Mask Workshops

Want to know the secret behind Indian Ink’s masks?

We’ve undertaken mask workshops internationally as well as around New Zealand and love running these for kids and adults.

“I popped a mask on my face and that shy person was gone and this new being was born, and I loved it” Jacob Rajan

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