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Making of Dirty Work thumbnail

Making of Dirty Work

The show might be over (for now) but we’ll always have the memories…

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Dirty Work Trailer

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Two women sing holding folders of music in front of them, with more singers in the background on stage of the Dirty Work set.

Dirty Work: Singing in praise of the unsung hero

“It holds a mirror up to ourselves and gives a message we don’t often think about enough,” Rao says.

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Dirty Work – Review

It is a truly heartwarming and well-made show that I guarantee will make you smile.

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Actor Tessa Rao stands in a yellow pant suit and black top with her mouth open in shock. Her hands are held out in confusion

Dirty Work Review

It’s a straightforward plot. An office full of largely anonymous workers support a larger offshore company by providing business-related (mostly financial) services.

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Zara, in a yellow blazer and red scarf, pleads with an anxious-looking Neil, who runs his fingers through his hair.

Review: DIRTY WORK at Q Theatre

For a good night out, some light entertainment with a serious twist, be sure to include Dirty Work in your list of must-see plays this season.

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Tessa Rao in a yellow pant suit hugs Catherine Yates tight who looks uncomfortable in a cleaners outfit

Dirty Work: Mining absurdity

Jacob Rajan describes Dirty Work as the biggest, most ambitious and most bonkers idea the company has ever had.

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Four smiling people sit on a sofa in a warmly lit, comfy-looking room.

Talking Dirty with the Choir

Indian Ink’s biggest and boldest production to date, Dirty Work: An Ode to Joy, features twenty-two choral singers on stage. But there’s a catch: the singers…

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Jacob Rajan sits with a smile on his face and a cartoon map of NZ next to him. The map has dots for Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington & Tauranga

Dirty Work explained by Jacob Rajan

Dirty Work: An Ode to Joy explained by Jacob Rajan

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Jacob Rajan sits on a stool wearing a white long shelved shirt with strips and black jeans.

Theatre-maker Jacob Rajan on his favourite things

We asked Rajan to share a few of his favourite things…

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Choir Members stand singing while holding music folders of sheet music.

The Music of Dirty Work

The chorus learn eight pieces of music which have been specifically arranged for choirs.

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Image of a man pushing a rock up a hill

The Myth of Sisyphus

The Myth of Sisyphus is a 1942 philosophical essay by Albert Camus.

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