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Tessa Rao in a yellow pant suit hugs Catherine Yates tight who looks uncomfortable in a cleaners outfit

Celebrating cleaners and doing the dirty work

A play that honours the humble office cleaner is coming to New Plymouth and will utilise a local choir for part of the cast.

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Actor Tessa Rao stands in a yellow pant suit and black top with her mouth open in shock. Her hands are held out in confusion

Dirty Work

By: WriteOnArts For 26 years, Indian Ink has been garnering critical acclaim with their original plays entertaining more than 500,000 people and winning a swag…

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Actor Justin Rogers in a brown jumper and tan pants stands smiling to the left while raising his arms

Randomness, uncertainty, absurdity, happiness, songs and Joy

The latest show from award winning theatre company Indian Ink has an excellent hook

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Actor Jacob Rajan and Gerry the vulture stand in front of the Mumbai skyline from the rooftop above Mehra’s kulfi shop. This photo is from the rehearsal space before the show.

Theatre review: Impermanence Of Ice Cream more vulture mystery, less a reflection on mortality

It is really about a mystery plaguing this ancient funerary practice, chasing the question: Where have all the vultures gone?

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Actor Jacob Rajan looks at the camera in an conversation with Gerry the vulture

Indian Ink’s Jacob Rajan wants to deliver a ‘serious laugh’ at death and immortality

Indian Ink Theatre Company’s new play was born in Singapore – at least, its title was.

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Tessa Rao in a yellow pant suit hugs Catherine Yates tight who looks uncomfortable in a cleaners outfit

Coming clean: Office workers challenged to be on song in thought-provoking comedy

Office cleaners sit at the bottom of the pack when it comes to workplace hierarchy, yet it would be an understatement to say they are utterly vital.

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An Interview with Jacob Rajan, star and creator of ‘Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream’

What happens after death? Perhaps just like ice cream – life itself also eventually melts away.

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Balloons are being thrown around a room with fairy lights on in the background

Rapid Fire 20Q with Cast and Creatives of ‘Mrs. Krishnan’s Party’

20 questions with Mrs Krishnan’s Party.

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Actor Kalyani Nagarajan dances on a table

‘Mrs. Krishnan’s Party’ immerses audiences in the stage play — and cooking a meal to eat later

Justin Lewis speaks with WPLN’s LaTonya Turner about the concept for this theatrical dish.

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Actor Justin Rogers as DJ Jimmy J acting as a DJ

Prepare For The Uniquely ‘Joyous Fun’ of Mrs Krishnan’s Party

Kalyani Nagarajan and Justin Rogers Star in Indian Ink Theatre’s International and Immersive PARTY

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Making of Dirty Work thumbnail

Making of Dirty Work

The show might be over (for now) but we’ll always have the memories…

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Dirty Work trailer thumbnail

Dirty Work Trailer

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