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Pickle Has A Warmth And A Light Touch

By Karin Goodwin (Metro UK)

Pickle, a play about the things that are worth preserving, is the third in a loose trilogy by inventive New Zealanders Indian Ink.

But you don’t need to have seen the others to enjoy this year’s offering. A love story, Pickle is set In the Empire Hotel, Wellington, which is owned by Sasha’s aunt Ammachy.

Though Ammachy is desperate to arrange a good marriage for her niece, Sasha is less interested, haunted instead by death. It’s only when she conquers her fear that she is free to love.

This play is full of laughs but also asks some serious questions about the influence and ‘flavours’ we draw from other from different cultures.

With first generation Indian immigrants as characters, it also confronts racial prejudices – revealing for starters that Jojo, the hotel porter, is a qualified cardiac surgeon in his own country. And though he is not allowed to practise in New Zealand, his expertise in mending broken hearts is called upon more than once.

The many characters are expertly performed by Ansuya Nathan, Jacob Rajan and Nick Blake, with Ben Wilcock adding atmosphere on piano. Pickle has a warmth and a light touch that should have wide appeal.