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Actor Justin Rogers as DJ Jimmy J acting as a DJ

Prepare For The Uniquely ‘Joyous Fun’ of Mrs Krishnan’s Party

Kalyani Nagarajan and Justin Rogers Star in Indian Ink Theatre’s International and Immersive PARTY

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Two women sing holding folders of music in front of them, with more singers in the background on stage of the Dirty Work set.

Dirty Work: Singing in praise of the unsung hero

“It holds a mirror up to ourselves and gives a message we don’t often think about enough,” Rao says.

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Dirty Work – Review

It is a truly heartwarming and well-made show that I guarantee will make you smile.

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Actor Tessa Rao stands in a yellow pant suit and black top with her mouth open in shock. Her hands are held out in confusion

Dirty Work Review

It’s a straightforward plot. An office full of largely anonymous workers support a larger offshore company by providing business-related (mostly financial) services.

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Zara, in a yellow blazer and red scarf, pleads with an anxious-looking Neil, who runs his fingers through his hair.

Review: DIRTY WORK at Q Theatre

For a good night out, some light entertainment with a serious twist, be sure to include Dirty Work in your list of must-see plays this season.

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Tessa Rao in a yellow pant suit hugs Catherine Yates tight who looks uncomfortable in a cleaners outfit

Dirty Work: Mining absurdity

Jacob Rajan describes Dirty Work as the biggest, most ambitious and most bonkers idea the company has ever had.

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Actor Jacob Rajan and Gerry the vulture stand in front of the Mumbai skyline from the rooftop above Mehra’s kulfi shop. This photo is from the rehearsal space before the show.

Theatre review: Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream is a powerful illustration of what theatre can achieve

Jacob Rajan’s dazzling solo performance can be summed up in one word: genius

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Actor Jacob Rajan stands on the Paradise set with his hands over his eyes

Review: Paradise or The Impermanence of Ice Cream

Through Rajan’s lively and enthralling performance and intricate puppetry, this is a contemplative piece of theatre that leaves you pondering on the impermanence of life.

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Actor Jacob Rajan looks at the camera in an conversation with Gerry the vulture

Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream weaves existential questions into an epic tale

“Jacob Rajan hands in an unforgettable performance in multiple roles, joined by a majestic vulture puppet”

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Gerry the vulture puppet and actor Jacob Rajan in a pink shirt looking scared

The Cultch: Indian Ink Theatre — Paradise: The Impermanence of Ice Cream

“this is a powerhouse production featuring Jacob Rajan… His performance is a tour de force.”

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Actor Jacob Rajan looking confused while holding a melting ice cream cone. He is wearing a white collared shirt. The background is a dreamy orange and pink with a silhouette of a bird and lush pink and white clouds.

Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream Review

“Jacob Rajan takes his audience on a wild ride to Paradise. On the way, we also get a tour of the chaotic and cosmopolitan Mumbai (or as the Parsis still call it – Bombay).”

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Actor Jacob Rajan reaches for the sky with an expression of joy on his face. The background is black with colorful large light spots that are blue, orange, and red. Jacob is in a velvety red blouse with a green undershirt.

Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream Review

“…the standing ovation at the end was well deserved.”

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