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Young & Hungry Ambassadors

By: Various Young & Hungry Ambassadors

The Pickle King by Indian Ink


“The Pickle King’s versatility, not only of set and staging but of its cast, had me engrossed in the story from start to finish. I was drawn in by a hilarious but provocative relationship between Love and Death. You won’t find anything so global yet so close to home!”

Arlo van Helden, Wellington College.


“This is the best show I have seen this year! It’s hard to find a show with the perfect combination of comedy, drama and romance, however The Pickle King pulled it off! Definitely recommend this show.”

Shania Foon, St Orans College.


“Indian Ink’s The Pickle King is a show with a lively, engaging cast, boasting riotous laughter in the theatre at every turn. It uses brilliant scripting and staging, accompanied with such strong, polished characterizations that I was immediately lost in the world the actors and their elevator tunes presented. The show is ingenious. Ridiculously immersive. It’s a must-see.”

Sarah May, Samuel Marsden College



Chatting about Paradise Students share their stories

We often talk in class about the nature of theatre. Is it about watching real life or is it about creating change? We talk a lot about the purpose of theatre and what is Indian Ink’s purpose. It is a lot about watching and seeing, but it is also about challenging us to think.

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