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  • Mrs Krishnan’s Party is a triumph of both interactive theatre and human spirit. Sarah Kidd
    A testament to the unique craft of writers Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis Maulik Thakkar, THEATRE SCENES
    It’s beautiful in that it welcomes anyone and everyone Charlie Upton and Ash Tisdale, Two Cents & Two Pence

    Set Design – making space for magic

    So watching Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream got me thinking… How does a theatre company go about making the sets for their shows? And how the heck do they transport them all across the world? I tracked down Indian Ink’s very own set designer John Verryt for some answers.

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    Research – the heart of playwriting

    With Indian Ink’s new play flying in from the horizon I sat down face to face (well, face to laptop to laptop to face) with Jacob Rajan as he discussed the inspiration and background for Paradise and the Impermanence of Ice Cream.

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